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CASE STUDY: Self Love Sanctuary

Unlocking the self love sanctuary within you

NOTE:  Clients can alter websites after site launch . Site screenshots here show the website as originally designed.

Services Provided

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Online Business Discovery

We had a series of meetings where we discussed her subject interests and goals for the new blog. We presented options and she chose a minimal article focused design. We made a UX Site map to show site pages and structural relationships.

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Brand Strategy

We had conversations about the brand identity for Self Love Sanctuary - what it was about, the focus, and her ideal site visitors problems, dreams and goals. Then we narrowed down the topic niches and content strategy for the blog.

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Web Copywriting & Editing

We helped her write a tagline and unique value proposition (UVP), as well as the About page text using what we uncovered during strategy sessions. We coached her on blog copywriting best practices and how to market her articles to gain traffic.

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Visual Brand Design

We created some logo variations for Self Love Sanctuary and 3 Style Tile visual brand mockups for her to choose from. We created 2 logo variations and the pale baby blue and pink color scheme, friendly fonts, and subtle graphic elements.

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Custom Site Coding

We used the Genesis framework and Beautiful Pro theme for Self Love Sanctuary. We used extensive custom coding with CSS and PHP to realize the visual brand.

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Consultation, Coaching & Site Care

As always, we've educated, coached and answered all of Megan's questions and concerns throughout our business relationship.


Custom Brand Logos

Color Palette

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Megan has used the Self Love Sanctuary blog to help branch her career into new directions.  Since launching the website she’s become a regular podcast host and contributor in the narcissistic abuse recovery community,  and has refocused her law practice specializing in helping people in legal battles against narcissistic personality types.

"I know I can trust Josh and count on him to have to my back with whatever I need taken care of. He knows me well and knows my message. He gives genuinely personal service and is really good at what he does. I’m always happy with Josh’s work!"
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Megan Lyons
Self Love Sanctuary

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