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CASE STUDY: Dylan Vaughn Music

Global musician, performer, composer & educator

NOTE:  Clients can alter websites after site launch. Site screenshots here show the website as originally designed.

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Services Provided

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Online Business Discovery

We had a series of meetings to ensure we had all the essential information his site visitors would expect to find. We planned for all necessary site pages. We created a UX Site Map to display the new pages and structural relationships.

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Brand Strategy

We discussed his professional identity, career vision and values, and his ideal client's problems and goals when hiring musicians. We found the most important messages to highlight onsite to persuade show producers to hire him.

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Web Copywriting & Editing

We used the essence of our Brand Strategy conversations, along with best practice web copywriting principles, to carefully edit and plan the copy for each of the new pages on the site.

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Conversion Driven Page Layouts

The page building principles that encourage producers to contact him for bookings are the same on any platform: tell an easy to read story, answer their most important questions persuasively, and have obvious calls to action to contact him.

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Visual Brand Design

We designed new banner and badge logo options for Dylan Vaughn Music, and some Style Tile variations that presented options for fonts, colors, and other visual styles to professionally represent his personal brand.

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Custom Site Development & Coding

Dylan chose a Squarespace theme from a small set of options we presented. Options are limited compared to WordPress, but we used CSS code to create the site design as planned.

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Consultation, Coaching & Site Care

As always, we were glad to educate, coach, and answer Dylan's questions all throughout the project and we continue to do so throughout our ongoing business relationship.


Custom Brand Logos

Custom Brand Icons

Color Palette

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Dylan is proud of and impressed with his new professionally planned and designed website.   So are the show producers he’s been showing it to in their business conversations. He began booking new jobs soon after he began showing it to prospective employers.

The site continues to be a source of new work for him – because it is a clear, complete and compelling representation of his professionalism in the music industry, and the value he consistently delivers to his partners, employers and audiences.

"Josh gave me great advice about creating a uniform look and keeping the site as easy to read as possible. Now when people call me for work, they can see my track record of recording, writing, performing all over the world. I get work based on the trust that I can deliver based on my experience, and the website is a great tool to show people what I do!"
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Dylan Vaughn
Dylan Vaughn Music

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