CASE STUDY: Coastal Living Ecuador 1

CASE STUDY: Coastal Living Ecuador

Beachfront real estate and daily living on Ecuador’s central coast 

NOTE:  Clients can alter websites after site launch . Site screenshots here show the website as originally designed.

Old Site - Vs. - New Site

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CASE STUDY: Coastal Living Ecuador 4 New Site
CASE STUDY: Coastal Living Ecuador 5 Old Site

Services Provided

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Online Business Discovery

We did a full exploration of their business needs and goals, and a complete Data Discovery to ensure the new site has all necessary pages and information. We created a UX Site Map to display all pages and the structure for the new merged site.

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Keyword & Competitor Research

We thoroughly reviewed the websites of their closest competitors developing and selling property along their stretch of the coast, and did keyword research to plan a new site structure for easy Google scanning and indexing.

CASE STUDY: Coastal Living Ecuador 8

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We used the keyword research and Site Map to design an ‘SEO Silo’ structure for the site. We targeted the keyword ‘ecuador beachfront real estate’ as the main keyword with other relevant keywords in a theme. This builds Google ranking power into the site.

CASE STUDY: Coastal Living Ecuador 9

Brand Strategy

We dove deep into their company identity, vision, and values in video meetings. We explored their customers problems, desires, dreams and goals. This is how we found the the best brand messages for the site and marketing.

CASE STUDY: Coastal Living Ecuador 10

Web Copywriting & Editing

We used content from the Voice of Customer Research, Brand Strategy, and Content Questions documents - using with best practice web copywriting principles - to write carefully strategized copy for each new site page.

CASE STUDY: Coastal Living Ecuador 11

Conversion Driven Page Layouts

Using the brand messages and other text content from earlier stages, we sequenced the messages for each page to tell their story clearly, to be easy to read, and guide the visitor down the page to contact CLE - get on a newsletter list - or start a chat.

CASE STUDY: Coastal Living Ecuador 12

Visual Brand Design

They had existing logo candidates for both sites. We discussed how the logos could fit with the new brand strategies. We used the final logo designs as guides to choosing fonts, colors, and other visual themes that matched each brand.

CASE STUDY: Coastal Living Ecuador 13

Custom Site Coding

We used the Elementor Page Builder and GeneratePress theme to custom build the new site to match our strategy, brand and content plans. The challenge was building two navigation systems that would work without causing confusion.

CASE STUDY: Coastal Living Ecuador 14

Consultation & Coaching

We educate, coach, and answer client questions through our entire business relationship. Combining two sites into one is not a typical project. We take care to make sure our clients understand what's happening with their site and online marketing strategy.


CLE Brand Logos

LRM Brand Logos

Color Palette

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They began receiving compliments on the beautiful new website and interested prospects began contacting them within the first month.

Using strategy we developed from a thorough Keyword & Competitor Research – we targeted keywords that their best prospects are using in their market to find properties like theirs.  The Coastal Living Ecuador site recently hit Google Page #1 for one of their most important keywords and is quickly rising up the ranks for other targeted keywords every month.

Coastal Living Ecuador has kept us on the team with an ongoing Care Plan retainer agreement. They’ve also hired us to expand the website with additional sections and pages as they add new properties to sell.

"Josh is very easy to follow with his step by step formula of building and creating a complete brand from logo to website. His knowledge of branding and getting your website to stand out is bar none. His formula is proven and he fills in the blanks with your information. I found it very easy to work with him and look forward to having him our team whenever the need arises!"
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Ben Norton
Coastal Living Ecuador

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