Bring me your inside business story.
I’ll help you win more customers.

A website isn’t about technology, really

The purpose of your website is to bring your business dreams to life with more income and success.

You know that a professionally designed, built and managed website is the doorway to an entire world of new potential customers and income you’re otherwise shut out of.  

So your website’s job is to be convincing to the kind of customers you really want to attract.  

I create Clear, Complete & Compelling WordPress websites

You have a singular vision of your business.  You have unique expertise, skills, and experience.  You bring value to your customers, solve their problems and help them reach goals.

I draw on over 20 years professional and personal experience with computers and internet technology to create beautiful websites for clients with dreams of business success online.

Here’s how we’ll put these together to create a site that earns you happy customers:

Make your website for THEM. Then they'll do business with you.

All of my recommendations and design decisions have the needs of your best customers first in mind

I relentlessly put myself in the shoes of your best prospects,  help you answer their questions and keep the focus on what your site needs to do:

Your site needs to clearly communicate your brand – answer all the questions your visitors have in mind better than your competition does – then convert those ideal visitors into happy customers.

Hi, I'm Josh. I'm here to help you put it all together the right way.

I enjoy my career.  I’m dedicated to excellence in what I do and producing awesome work.

I also enjoy working with clients that are excited about their business vision and helping them make those dreams a reality.

I have a small agency where I do the majority of the work on your project myself.   I have a talented photographer available for local jobs, a web hosting specialist, and – depending on the size and scope of your project – I may hire an assistant to help me meet project deadlines.

I have personal, friendly ongoing business relationships with my clients

… because you’re always in direct communication with me as your project partner and consultant.

I want to make confusing technology clear and pain-free as I possibly can for you.  I sincerely want your site to be as useful toward achieving your goals – and as straightforward to operate – as I can make it.

And I get a lot of satisfaction when I put a client site online and its attracting new customers!

There’s nothing like the pride & growing income that comes from owning a brand new custom or rebooted WordPress website that’s attractive and compelling for your ideal customers.

Glad you stopped by!  Take a minute to look over a portfolio of some of my recent work, and learn about the Clear101 innovative remote web design process.